Trim and Athboy Group of Parishes are part of the United Dioceses of Meath and Kildare within the Province of the Church of Ireland ( which is a part of the world-wide Anglican Communion).

Trim Cathedral

This Group of Parishes contains several small towns in an agricultural area of Co. Meath; there are many new houses being built at present and more and more people travel to Dublin for work (about I hour). In the last century there were eleven church-buildings in use for worship and half a dozen clergy (including at one time Dean Jonathan Swift at Laracor church). Today there is one Rector who is also Dean of Clonmacnoise and two churches in use: St Patrick's Cathedral, Trim and St James' Church, Athboy. The average Sunday attendance in each church is 25-30 adults and children, there are about 140 addresses on the mailing list. Most Parish registers are kept at the Representative Church Body Library.

The Rector and Dean is Very Rev Andrew Furlong. Address: The Deanery, Loman Street, Trim, Co. Meath, Republic of Ireland. Telephone: 00-353-46-36698, e-mail:

Sunday Services are normally at these times: Athboy 10 A.M. and Trim 11.30 A.M. There is a Sunday School provided on most Sundays during the school terms in Athboy church which takes place during the Service. Andrew Furlong likes to visit and meet with people in their own homes, and likes to meet them too in the Deanery where he lives; regardless of whether they are active churchgoers or not.

WELCOME We are always glad to welcome visitors to our Services, as well as new members; and people who are exploring, or seeking a spiritual home, are welcome to come and see if either of our churches and our congregations provide them with the sense that here is a place in which they could come to feel at home, ask their questions, go on growing in their spiritual journey; and through belonging to a caring, compassionate, supportive community find courage, vision, commitment and love to seek to go on trying to change both themselves and their world. As a group of people here, we see ourselves as called to try to make a difference in the world, for good and for God.

People in this group of parishes find themselves in different places on the theological map of believing: some are evangelical, some are conservative and traditional, some are radical and liberal, some are still processing the faith they received in childhood and working on it in order to achieve a more credible and mature faith. There is a sense that different people have journeyed in different ways, as well as a spirit of respect and tolerance for other's beliefs. There are conflicting viewpoints; but there is the shared unity found in seeking to serve the truth of God within the one vision of Love as the ultimate reality in life, its source, its central and deepest mystery, its hardest, harshest and most crushing paradox, and its eternal hope.

Ecumenical relationships within the various communities covered by the group of parishes are good ( there are nine Roman Catholic parishes in our area). A considerable proportion of married couples in the parish are in 'inter-church' marriages, and the partner of the Church of Ireland person is always welcome with us and their family too; good support is given by the wider community to fund-raising events in aid of our parish; and most weeks the Dean can be seen in the early morning crossing the River Boyne on his way from the Deanery to say his prayers in the distinctive atmosphere created by other people at prayer themselves at the early morning Mass in the Catholic Church in Trim, also called St. Patrick's. As he has said, he likes to cross bridges.

St Patrick's Cathedral, Trim: The word Cathedral comes from the Latin word cathedra meaning chair. A Cathedral is a Church in which is the Bishop's chair. Symbolically, he/she exercises pastoral care and oversight in the Diocese from the Cathedral. The Bishop of the United Dioceses of Meath and Kildare is the Most Reverend Dr Richard Clarke. There are five non-residentiary Canons who at present are the following people: Dean Robert Townley, Archdeacon Patrick Lawrence, Canon Patrick Carmody, Canon John Clarke, and Canon Ronald Bourke.

Churchwardens for the current year are: Marika Falk (Rector's Churchwarden) and Norman Davis (People's Churchwarden). Robert Williamson is the Hon. Sec. of the Select Vestry and Tony Potterton is the Hon Treas. for the Parish. Other members of the Select Vestry are: Simon Walford (Glebewarden), Jennifer McKenna (assistant Treasurer), Olive Reilly, Ronan McKenna, Grania Langrishe, Raymond Potterton, Eileen Mountcharles, Marcus Falk, Sarah Smith, Margaret Wilson, and George Briscoe.

There is a Diocesan Choir under the direction of Doreen Kimberley which is made up of people primarily from the Parishes of the Diocese. They sing five or six times a year in the Cathedral and several times per year elsewhere as well. The organ (no 811, ordered in 1916) was opened on 3rd October, 1917. It was built by James Jepson Binns who, at the time of building it, had 54 years of experience behind him as an organ-builder. There is only one other organ in Ireland built by him (in 1902) which is in Douglas church, Cork. His most famous organ is that in the Albert Hall, Nottingham, U.K. (1909).

ST. JAMES CHURCH ATHBOY. The Rector's Churchwarden is Clodagh Dugdale and the People's Churchwarden is Carol Wilkinson. Other members of the Vestry are Sheila Pigott (Hon. Sec.), Thomas Potterton (Hon. Treasurer and Glebewarden), David W. Douglas, Daniel Douglas, Elaine Clarke, Fred. Revington, Clarendon Wilkinson, Joyce Woods, Gerald Potterton, Hilda Revington, Philip Hague, Ann Exon and Garret Wilkinson. Our organist is Sheila Pigott with Carol Wilkinson standing in on occasion.

THE PARISH HALL: This is used for both Parish and Diocesan functions and meetings, and is also available to the whole community in Trim and is used for a variety of purposes by the people of Trim.

SCHOOL: St Patrick's National School: this is a two teacher school with a little over 30 boys and girls. The Bishop is the Patron of the school which upholds a Church of Ireland ethos and has a Board of Management whose chairman is David Douglas, other Board members are Thomas Potterton (Hon. Treas.), Gerald Potterton, Very Rev. Andrew Furlong, the Parents' representatives who are Olive Potterton and Charles Hastings, and the current teachers who are Ann Middleton (Principal) and Trevor Larke. The building used to be the Methodist Chapel in Trim and was bought to be used as a school nearly 100 years ago.Parents wishing to enquire about a place for their child should write to the Principal at this address: St Patrick's School, High Street, Trim, Co. Meath.There are buses to bring children to school from a radius of about 10 miles from Trim.

MOTHERS' UNION: Our Group of Parishes has a branch of the Mothers' Union and meetings are listed on our news page.
Trim and Athboy Union of Parishes

History of Trim cathedral by Jennifer McKenna