These articles contain some of my concerns regarding human rights as well as some of my philosophical, ethical and theological thinking which I find continues to develop in various ways.

The Daily News in Exile A campaigning tool to mark World Press Freedom Day 2007
Peace Studies M Phil thesis. Gender, land and women in Zimbabwe in the light of Nussbaum's understanding of the capabilities approach (2003)
Lack of democracy in Zimbabwe despite elections. A statement from the Zimbabwe group of the Irish Section of Amnesty International in Village March 26th - 1st April 2005 (Ireland's Current Affairs Weekly)


Some of what is written here is highly thought-provoking. If anyone is offended by anything that they may read in these articles, then I ask for their forgiveness and am sorry to have so offended them. Remember that I am writing from my own perspective and viewpoint which is not necessarily yours too. Nobody can force you to change your ideas, understanding or beliefs, but perhaps by pondering on what I have written, you may find that the vision at the heart of your faith has been enlarged. We all are responsible for seeking to serve the Truth. It is a puzzling fact about the human family that within a range of different religions people may study their Scriptures and tradition and come up in every generation with such diverse and conflicting interpretations; nobody seems to understand the reasons why. Are the reasons psychological, sociological, moral, cultural or something else? I would be interested in what you think the reasons are.


Feel free to respond to any of these articles either by e-mail:
<> , or by any other means. I like these two quotations ascribed to Voltaire (though perhaps incorrectly ascribed to him): "We owe respect to the living; to the dead we owe only truth," and "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." And I approve of this one (from Richard Holloway): "We tend to agree with Montaingne, that it is rating our conjectures highly to roast people alive for them". I am conscious that my articles lack a psychological input. Religious symbols can have a powerful effect at a psychological level. The integration of the personality and the growth of a person towards a greater healing and wholeness, within community, are connected deeply with the world of symbols.

Uncertainty is Trust's shadow (2010)
Mistaken thinking underlying Jewish and Christian beliefs (2009)
More Lambeth bishops need to look beyond Christianity (2008)
My response to "Mature Faith has nothing to fear from critical reason" (Irish Times: 6th January 2007) By Sean Goan and Kieran O'Mahony
Opinion Page in the Irish Times Mature Faith has nothing to fear from critical reason (6th January 2007) By Sean Goan and Kieran O'Mahony
Opinion Page in the Irish Times The extraordinary story of Christmas: is it credible? (23rd December 2006)
Opinion Page in the Irish Times What is missing in Islam is need for modern theological insights (4th November 2006)
Letter to the Irish Times Science and the existence of God (1st September 2006)
Letter to the Irish Times Science and the heritage of Christianity (28th August 2006)
Josh's Confessions: the fantasy world of history's most famous and most misunderstood person (2006)
Conflicting viewpoints on gay clergy in two letters (one Liberal and one Fundamentalist) in the Church of Ireland Gazette 25th March 2005
Letter to Irish Times Anglicans, gay clergy and same-sex unions. (2005)
Asian Tsunami: Opinion Piece and Letter to Village 8th - 14th January 2005 (Ireland's Current Affairs Weekly)in response to Editor's article on 'Some loving God' (2005)
Letter to the Irish Times Interpreting 'The Da Vinci Code'(2004)
How can Christianity evolve and contribute to world peace? Reappraising religion for the sake of peace (2004)
An Irish Anglican declares independence. A sermon preached at Christ Community Church, Spring Lake, Michigan, US (2004)
Letter to The Church Times (UK) Clergy discipline and heresy trials (2004)
Dignity: denied and restored An Ascension Day address given at St Mark's Church, Broomhill, Sheffield, UK (2004)
Astonishing assumptions underlying belief in atoning sacrifice (Gibson film) (Easter 2004)
A review of Sandra Holt's "Intimacy Human and Divine Experiencing marriage and imagining a God faint with desire (2004)
Letter to the Irish Times The Passion of the Christ (2004)
The Guardian Comment - Face to Faith - by Andrew Furlong Pilgrim's Progress (2004)
Address at Unitarian Church in Cork, Ireland My journey of faith (2004)
Sunday Independent article Gospels tell a different story (2003)
A review of US author Jack Good's book "The Dishonest Church" A challenge to all Christian educators(2003)
Letter to The Times (UK) Divisions in the Anglican Church over Gene Robinson's consecration (2003)
Letter to the Irish Times The church of tomorrow(2003)
Letter to the Irish Times Faith in the 21st century(2003)
Addressing and challenging a culture of fear. The clergy need to overcome their fear of challenging the faith of the laity, by doing so they will help them to grow (2003)
Points for Primates to ponder in preparation for October meeting to discuss threatened breakup of Anglican Communion over Gene Robinson's consecration Quotations from my book 'Tried for Heresy A 21st Century Journey of Faith' (2003)
An address given at St James' Church, Piccadilly, London. Searching for an authentic spirituality (2002)
Resignation Press Statement Very Rev Andrew Furlong has resigned on 7th May 2002 as Rector of the Group of Parishes of Trim and Athboy and as Dean of Clonmacnoise in the Diocese of Meath and Kildare, Ireland and has released his Press statement
Jesus and Resurrection. An article written for a new Irish journal, called Irish Pages (ISSN 1477-6162), published on 9th May 2002, the day before the date set for the adjourned hearing of the Court of the General Synod of the Church of Ireland at which I was due to face a number of charges including denying the divinity of Christ. I resigned on 7th May 2002 and the Court did not sit as the Bishop withdrew his petition (2002)
A letter to the Church of Ireland Gazette A summary of my faith (2002)
Letters to Irish Times The Dean and the Incarnation. (2002)
Rite and Reason Why the church must be willing to alter the path it follows (2002)
The Dean's message to younger people. To thine own self be true(2002)
A letter to a young adult parishioner.This young adult member of the parish feels hurt, angry and betrayed by a Dean and Rector who, in expressing his faith and beliefs, uses some, though not all, of the metaphors and stories which are contained in the New Testament and the Creeds. These metaphors and stories are of great significance and meaning to this thoughtful believer(2002)
Liturgical Vehicles and Sacramental Signposts. Andrew Furlong reflects on aspects of worship in relation to Jesus' self-effacing personality (2001)
Press Statement. Dean Andrew Furlong's episcopal authority is withdrawn by the Bishop of Meath and Kildare on 5th December 2001. Following the release of the Church's Press Statement on behalf of the bishop, Andrew Furlong releases his Press Statement(2001)
Pain and Integrity: reform from within. In this longer article, which includes sections from some of his other papers, Andrew Furlong looks beyond the present forms of Christianity and also describes what it means for him to live within those present forms(2001)
The seen and the unseen here is an unusual picture which suggests the need of interpretation. Andrew Furlong gives his (2001)
Revelation: does it happen? This article looks at what revelation might mean if it is accepted that God is hidden and unseen and does not leave herself/ himself open to observation (2001)
New Worship, new Symbols: working towards a transformed Christianity. This article takes up on the previous one and explores what a transformed Christianity might involve (2001)
Faith fundamentally flawed? Working towards a radical and revolutionary transformation of Christianity. In this article the traditional understanding of Jesus Christ is questioned and challenged, and it is noted that this could have radical implications for Christianity (2001)
And is it true? by Richard Clarke, Bishop of the United Dioceses of Meath and Kildare, a review of the book by Andrew Furlong(2001)
Beyond Spong: some implications of radical and liberal theology for the future of Anglicanism In this longer article Andrew Furlong argues against some of the mainstream cherished beliefs of Christianity (2000)
Treasure in Earthen Vessels: Reflections of a Reformer. In this article Andrew Furlong explains the costliness and tensions of seeking to be a Reformer and expresses some radical ideas about traditional Christianity (1999)
Fostering Hope: We live in a world with much stress and anxiety. Andrew responds with some profound, helpful and inspiring ideas and insights. He looks at different types of hope and the things that are hoped for (1996)
Our Own Error What should religious leaders be doing in the 21st Century to bring modern insights to their religious traditions? (2010)
Christianity's self-scrutiny: conversation between friends. Many of my friends and colleagues knew that in this dialogue Susan expresses my thinking and believing (1978)
Forty years on from Christianity's self-scrutiny a conversation between friends (2018)
They Fly Forgotten (2018)
Was Jesus born in Bethlehem? Understanding the birth stories in the gospels (2019)
The UK Chief Rabbi and the Archbishop of Canterbury. The British Labour Party and antisemitism (2019)
Hellfire Preachers (2020)
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