One of the church's early and defining creeds is the Apostles' Creed. In preparation for a programme on BBC called 'Sunday' on December 30th 2001, people of all faiths and none were invited to submit their own personal credo: who or what is the origin of your universe, how would you express the essentials of what you believe about God (if you believe in God), about the purpose of life, and spiritual reality?

I would be most interested to receive your credo, perhaps you would send it to me by e-mail:

Your thinking, believing, doubting and searching would probably make me want to modify my present credo. This is it:


"As individual and social beings, we are challenged to ascend to the heights of our humanity, avoid sinking to the depths of our depravity.

In beliefs expect diversity, mine evolve. Religions are motorways needing widening. All life is gift; human life is of eternal worth, found loveable by God, who is hidden, active, committed to us for better, for worse.

"Religious symbols: wedding ring, journey, fire, light, darkness, horizon, sun, cloud, ocean, wave. The destiny of this risky adventure of life lies over the horizon, in eternity; the meaning of life continues to grow.

"Let life be developed and used, be open-minded, courageous, and humorous, seek to adore".


I believe in an Originator of all that is created, both physical and of the mind and spirit, and which is the source of all that we know of Love and Goodness in humanity.

I believe that this Originator is beyond our knowing or understanding, but that in speaking of God we attempt to define that source of our being.

I believe that in the Bible we have glimpses of the sublime beyond our mortal existence, within the limits of language, imagery and human understanding.

I believe that in Jesus we see the one who was closest to comprehending the creative spirit which is both beyond and within us, and who was able to show us how to be conscious of and aspire to live in accordance with that spirit.

I believe that in trusting the encompassing benevolence of that Originating spirit we have nothing to fear in facing death, because in some way we shall continue to exist and will have understanding that we lack in this material world.

1. I have thought a bit since receiving your Credo and have formulated what I think represents my present beliefs.Present - because I do not think belief is static but must be subject to change in a positive dynamic manner.

I BELIEVE in God who is the very depth of my being, and of Everyman. I only know that he is there and is physically evidenced by and in the world around me and beyond. I appreciate him in the wonders of each day. The Starry sky, the views from a mountain top, the prickly spinal response to music, and the manner in which healing takes place. He also is present at times of grief, war, misery, poverty, innocent suffering - if only to induce a feeling of man's lack of concern for his fellow men.

I BELIEVE in Jesus Christ - The Man - whose recorded life teaching and thought - provide a meaningful way to try to live -summed up in love for one's neighbour - "to do to him as you would he should do to you". His reported Resurrection provides a powerful symbol of renewal of life, of starting again after failure, and induces thoughts of Spring and all that it represents.

I BELIEVE in a Universal Church encompassing many varied multi-coloured strands making an ever expanding web committed to extending the boundaries of peace and the common good.

I BELIEVE in a life perpetuated after death by the memories in others of my ideas and actions during life, and if I have been blessed with children by the continued physical presence of me in them.

I am afraid that this is probably twice as long as you suggested so I will have to liken it to the Nicene rather than the Apostles' Creed. A problem can be to be honest in this. It seems to me that often a Credo can be a counsel of perfection, a statement of how one would wish to live, which one can only strive to acheive, and only on occasions succeed. It is like an Opera performance repeated night after night in a very ordinary fasion, and then one evening, for some unknown reason, the Performers, the Orchestra and Conductor, and the Audience are at one - resulting in a performance greater than the sum of its parts - approacing perfection.

2. A Personal Credo: (developing upon the Christian Church's Nicene Creed)

I believe in one God, an almighty entity, which is everything; all that is believed and all that is real, Heaven and Earth. I believe that I am within God and all my actions, thoughts, great or small must help God grow and flourish.

I believe that through the ages God has given us great teachers to help us in this task. Confucius, Jesus, and Mohammed - and others known or not at all - have all helped spread this message of loving God and respect for others. They have guided us from evil ways and challenged us to face our weaknesses.

I believe in the universal power of this love, the Hidden Spirit, to move people, to challenge ideas, to build on wisdom. All of these give more life to God.

And when I die I will be judged by those in God who, by my words and deeds, I have touched in whatever way during my time on earth.

3. Prayer is the ability to acknowledge and contemplate, to absorb and propagate the consoling sense of nothing and beauty in silence.

4. I don't know if I believe in God anymore or not! I used to! I used to be a good little catholic but now it seems irrelevant! It's not that I'm a bad person now, just that religion and God don't sit with me right now! If God has His plans, then they shall be played out! Predestination as such! If God has no plans, then what is the point of His existence? He certainly has low intervention statistics! I do think that we should try and have as good a time as possible here without harming others. That's my main belief! At the end of the day, no one knows any more than the next person. It's all just speculation and theory which by definition must be open to change unless they are proven! Anyway, hang in there! Your beliefs are as valid and "true" as anyone else's!

5. I believe in one God, who is the life energy of being, in all things. All matter is formed of particles of energy, and God is the soul and source of all energy. In Heaven, which is our spiritual realm, our souls are sparks of the life energy of God. On Earth, which is our physical realm, we are spiritual beings having a physical life experience. Our purpose is to evolve in spirit. Through living our life on Earth, and growing in Love, which is of God, we will grow and evolve in spirit. The Commandments and Teaching of Jesus are my Inspiration and my Way. He is my Guide.

6. I believe in one God, Source of creation, of essence one, of manifestations infinite, Expanding ever to elude, in love embracing all that is. I honour his Prophets, whose teachings brought Faith to the world. (The following section is adaptable for other faiths)
I honour expecially the prophets of the kindred faiths of the People of the Book, Moses, Jesus the Christ, and Mohammed. I hold sacred above all the memory of Jesus, By whose life and witness God's love was made manifest, By whose death Love's victory was made certain, By the triumph of whose spirit redeemed humanity recieved the hope of life eternal. I believe in the loving spirit of God, Working for good in the world.

7. For me, god cannot be personified and doing so creates difficulty in contacting the divine, throws the mind into a concrete place and out of a formless state where there is knowledge in the silence beyond words. God is such as cannot be described, but I feel closer to description with ideas like "energy", or "atmosphere", a permeating-ness. Maybe an attempt to break the cliche comes near it, as in: love is god. But that's not possible to say, freshly, now. To live by, I believe the key words to be integrity, service, non judgement, kindness in thought as much as in action.

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