"Amnesty International remains deeply concerned that the government of Zimbabwe has failed to respect and protect freedom of expression. The practice of journalism remains a dangerous occupation." Simeon Mawanza, Researcher, AI International Secretariat quoted from 'The Daily News in Exile' issued by AI Irish Section Zimbabwe group to mark World Press Freedom Day, 3rd May 2007.

Other articles in 2007 issue of The Daily News in Exile are by Geoffrey Nyarota, (founder and former editor-in-chief of the government-banned Daily News), Sandra Nyaira (former Political Correspondent with the Daily News) and Nyasha Nyakunu, (Research & Information Officer for the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
Our efforts are a small contribution towards strengthening the spirits of independent journalists who have been "telling it as it is" even though their fingers may be broken and their bodies battered. Our efforts are also an attempt to raise awareness and to help transform Zimbabwe into a society where the dignity and human rights of each citizen are promoted and respected.

Please note that the Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe who are the publishers and owners of the Daily News and the Daily News on Sunday did not have a part in this project. They were not involved in the issuing of The Daily News in Exile. It was solely a project of the Zimbabwe group of the Irish section of AI Ireland.

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UNESCO annual conference in Medellin, Colombia from 3rd - 4th May 2007 on

"Press Freedom, Safety of Journalists and Impunity"

Message from Mr Koichiro Matsuura, Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day 2007

World Press Freedom Day is an occasion to remind the world of the importance of protecting the fundamental human right of freedom of expression enshrined in Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. With violence against media professionals constituting today one of the greatest threats to freedom of expression, I have decided to dedicate World Press Freedom Day 2007 to the theme of journalist safety.
As we celebrate World Press Freedom Day, let us reflect on ways to propagate values that respect the media's vital role in promoting sustainable peace, democracy and development. Let us commemorate media professionals who have lost their lives, and honour those who bring us information despite danger and risk. Above all, let us appreciate the intimate relationship between securing the safety of journalists and realizing our own freedoms. Our ability to act as informed citizens of the world depends on a media that can work freely and safely.

UNESCO statement on World Press Freedom Day 3rd May 2011

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