At present I am not maintaining this page, but you may be interested to learn something of the vision and thinking that originally lay behind it by reading what follows.

We live in a visual world where images, graphics, pictures and symbols are common and often powerful. The world goes on changing and always has and will do. Our Images and symbols change too.

We want to build up a data base of images, graphics, pictures and symbols which are contemporary, but which also reflect the different cultures of our world. Each month we will choose some words, and invite you to submit an image, graphic, picture or symbol which expresses for you the meaning of the word or demonstrates something of its power or the vision or values linked with it. You may submit images etc. for more than one word, if you wish.

We would like you to submit, too, if you would, about fifty words explaining how the word and Image are related to each other.

Here were the words for September 2001:






the ascent of our humanity

We received some good contributions in August 2001.

The first group were from Barry Hollowell.

-EVIL - so often we think of evil as dark, dank, muck and mire, yet all to often evil is experienced amidst the light and beauty of ordinary days - experienced as chain and barrier which shuts out even though one can see through and beyond - it restricts access and blocks through the chain links of unchallenged assumptions, unquestioned history and presumptive prejudice, fused all to often by fear. (Alberta)
- WONDER - perceived at times through the lens of an elusive gentle breeze and the dancing of muted light. (Alberta)
- the WONDER of beauty springing up and flowering in the midst of an arid desert (Passadena, Calif.)
- FREEDOM - the beauty of clouds on the praries in an ever changing kalaidoscope of shapes born along by the winds unseen yet whose work is clearly evidenced. (Alberta)
- EQUALITY - the goodness of God is not rationed out according to sexual orientation or any other dimension of life and creation. (graphic - rainbow of diversity)
- another 'WONDER' the smoothness of the stones comes as a result of the action of water and time. (Japanese gardens, Lethbridge, Alberta)

This group was from Kareem Ayoubi.

The nuclear mushroom cloud could be seen as a modern symbol for 'EVIL' because it shows Man as being so capable and yet at the same time so primitive, which, it could be said is the essence of evil. Before nuclear weapons were invented, no war could change the entire planet's climate and poison the land for hundreds of years, but since the middle of the twentieth century the threat of war means the possibility of destroying our only habitat; the Earth. Maybe evil is what results when people's animal instincts for survival override compassion and empathy for others, and a nuclear explosion is a modern icon for this.

This image suggests 'WONDER' because it forces you to notice the fantastic structure and complexity within a seemingly basic object like a single dead leaf in a stream. It focusses your attention on things like the veins that transport water around the leaf, it's beautiful colouring even in death, it's remarkable similarity in shape to a human hand and so on. Then as you move your focus away again, you have a renewed appreciation for the complexity of trees, insects, animals etc, and you realise that the world is a gigantic, designed system, more complex than anything that could be imagined by Man.

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